Hi! ¡Hola! Salut! Marhaba! Ciao!

My name is Pamela Miriam Shuggi and I am writing to you as a fellow bibliophile.

I am also a cat lover, an avid knitter and a yogini.

My aim in starting this website is to share my intellectual journey through books I’ve read and experiences I’ve had.

By including quotes, a humanities feature as well as a reflection, I hope to highlight how language works as well as how other subjects intersect and dance together.

First, a little about me.

I graduated with my doctorate in Spanish Literature from Johns Hopkins University in 2010. As an undergraduate at Hopkins I majored in International Studies and Romance Languages. I work as a language instructor and as a writer, editor, and translator.

I speak Spanish, French, Arabic and a wee bit of Italian. English became my mother tongue after I emigrated to the United States with my family at the tender age of four.

I love all my languages; each has a beautiful personality and literature all its own.

One of the things I hope to explore on my website is the inherent value of the humanities. I will also be discussing the book groups I have with my neighbors and at the Johns Hopkins Club here in Charm City.

As a French professor once told me when I remarked how much I enjoyed reading Eugène Ionesco’s Le roi se meurt, “La première fonction de la littérature est de faire plaisir.” (“The first function of literature is to give pleasure.”)

Of course there are the underlying lessons and greater connections we take away after the last page has been turned…

So welcome to my story, both as a student of the arts, humanities, and social sciences and as a professional. (If you are in need of tutoring or other language services, please look me up on LinkedIn or send me a message in the Contact section.)

I will post new material every every day of the week.

Please do not hesitate to leave feedback or suggestions for new material in the Contact section. These will be emailed to me.